First Aid Kit with Samantha Crain

Presented by I.M.P.

Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 8:00pm

Tickets: $35

America’s favorite folky Swedish sisters are back! Klara and Johanna Söderberg, better known as First Aid Kit, are no strangers to our nation’s capital, with many sold out plays in the District including our own 9:30 Club last June. This time around, the heavenly duo are playing Lisner’s hallowed hall in support of their summer 2014 release, Stay Gold. As on previous First Aid Kit albums The Lion’s Roar (2011) and The Big Black & The Blue (2010), Stay Gold showcases the sisters’ keen ability to uniquely blend their ‘60s and ‘70s folk influences with profound, moving lyrics and honey-sweet harmonies. From album opener “My Silver Lining” to closer “A Long Time Ago,” First Aid Kit demonstrate on Stay Gold their wise, stunning songwriting finesse beyond their ripe ages of 21- and 24-years-old. Join us Saturday, October 25 to see these sisters command the stage and deliver a heart wrenching yet stellar set.
Kid Face, the third full-length album from Samantha Crain, is a revelatory song cycle as expansive as the wide-open spaces of the 26-year-old artist’s native Oklahoma, and as intimate as a conspiratorial whisper. Recorded and mixed in just nine days in the San Francisco studio of producer John Vanderslice (the Mountain Goats, Spoon), this wildly original album stands as the definitive statement thus far from an uncommonly insightful, fearlessly honest young singer/songwriter.